Om oss

Om oss

Eywas Trails was started in 2009 in Switzerland first, before moving to Norway in 2018. Olivia Milan is the owner and has been running since 2004 and has participated in long-distance races in Norway. Her partner, Sjur Åsgård, is the kennel's handy man, and together with two other experienced guides, we will ensure that you have an unforgettable wilderness experience. We are keen to take good care of both guests, nature, the local environment and our dogs. By giving our guests an insight into the wonderful nature and culture of Nord-Østerdal, we want to inspire and provide knowledge about sustainable use and trackless traffic.
We have 35 Alaskan Huskies that are sure to impress you. The huskies are both super social and cuddly, while bubbling over with eagerness to work when harnessed in front of the sled to give you a real dog sledding experience. You get to take part in harnessing and preparing your own team before the ride.
You must be 12 years old to be able to drive a sled yourself.


Olivia Milan

Olivia is a Swiss musher, dog physiotherapist and nature guide

Sjur Åsgård

Sjur is a Norwegian musher, guide, singer, guitar player and does traditional crafts

Sam Duval

I grew up in France in a small town in the french Alps where there were more cows than humans. I always loved nature and being outside with farm animals. After high school I decided to travel the world and I discovered the most incredible job in the world : taking care of 150 sled dogs in Finland. It was love at first sight with all of them. It's been 5 years now since I started working with sled dogs and I never regretted any day passed with them. My main dream right now is to be able to learn as much as possible to work with them, care for them and live with them the best way possible. I'm also really interested in long distance racing as it is for me an incredible way of bonding with your dogs and living extraordinary and precious moments in nature. I would love to be able to have my own racing team and participate in the Iditarod, a long distance race of 1757 km in complete autonomy in the wild and amazing landscapes of Alaska. Already excited to have you with us this winter, I hope to be able to share my passion for dogsledding with you all !


I`m born in a small Village in the south of Germany. I grew up with nature and helping on a Farm, being outside the whole Day was basically my childhood. After finishing my apprenticeship, I worked several years as Mechanic and made my Instructor certificat. In 2019, i got the chance to work on an Alp in Austria, there I milked cows and cooked for guests. After that, i thought it's time to Make another dream come true, working with sleddogs in Skandinavia. Now, 2023 I`m still here in Norway and enjoying the possibility to work with goat's in the mountains, to be part of an okological Garden and working also with Guests and Sleddogs in Winter at Eywa's Trails again.
My dreams and plans for the future, learn good Norsk and just continue what I'm doing now :)

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